What TYPE of investor are YOU?

What type of an investor are you?

Stamp investors can be broadly divided into the following major categories:


Pure investor - Pure investors are those who are interested in buying stamps only for the purpose of investment. They are not interested in the aesthetics of the items they are possessing. They generally go for high value items which are purchased through auctions.

  • Short Term Investors - These investors go for items in which they don’t have to stay invested for long and can reap benefits with in two years of time frame. They generally go for high premium items, where difference in face value and market price is huge and are comparatively riskier investments. These investments have high potential of outperforming the markets and are made through guidance of philatelic investment experts. These items are generally speculative in nature.
  • Long Term Investors - These investors go for items in which the time horizon of investment is more than 7 years and they generally go for investments in those items whose premium is less as compared to other items. They have a trend of growing over a period of time and are considered as safer investments. These are generally purchased in quantities and are less speculative in nature. For these kind of investments, the investor should require to have high holding capacity and patience to wait for long.
  • Medium Term Investors - The time horizon for these investments ranges from 3 - 5 years. The major proportion of their portfolio consists of low premium items and less weightage is given to high premium items. The judicious mix of two can fetch you an extra ordinary return, for which you have to approach an expert philatelic advisor who will guide you with your investments.

Investor/ Collectors - This category lies between Pure Investor & Stamp Collector. These are those collectors who possess more of investment grade stamps in their collections. They enjoy their hobby of stamp collecting.

Investor/ Dealers -  They are the stamp dealers who hold items for retailing. In the process of buying and selling items, they remain invested for the short period of time and are able to generate some decent returns on their blocked capital. That’s why they come into the category of investor. They may or may not be intentionally invested in stamps.




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