Who should I buy from?

Who should I buy from?


Dealers - There are many stamp dealers across the world who are into this hobby of philately and has now became full time dealers. You have to be careful while purchasing from them as they might not guide you for your investment. You may approach Specialized Stamp Investment Firm for this. Dealers charge an add-on amount for getting the stamp available to you. Dealer has to maintain a reasonable selection of items which require significant amount of capital to be blocked. Generally, the dealer's work is to break the bulk and fulfill market demand.

Auctions - In Auctions, you would generally find high premium items which are targeted to collectors. You may also find stamps of investment grade here. There may be chances that you may get items of investment grade at lower prices compared with the dealers. However, without adequate knowledge about the items, it is not advisable to buy the stamps even from auctions, as the prices can be manipulated by the auctioneer or speculation can be done by minimum two passionate collectors. Auctions can be categories into the following major types:

  • Online Auctions - In these auctions, you are not required to be physically present in the auction room. You can place your bid online and bidding is done by the interested bidders present worldwide. The benefit of online auctions is that the buyer is able to know the actual price of the items based on the demand and supply and also the seller gets maximum price of the items.
  • Offline Auctions - These auctions require your presence in the auction room. You can check the items yourself and can bid accordingly. You or your agent has to be present there to place bid for the items. The number of prospective bidders are very low compared with the online auction platform.

Online shops - Online shops has emerged as one of the best ways to buy stamps. The growing number of internet users around the world has led to a rapid rise in the number of online shops who provide stamps at very competitive rates and provide friendly payment terms which ensures you of the genuineness of the seller.

Specialized Stamp Investment Firms - These investment firms are highly specialized in providing stamp investment advice to the people interested in philatelic investments. Even newbie, who don’t know abc of philately can approach these firms and can add philatelic items as an asset class in their investment portfolio. Likewise, you can easily approach PhilatelicZone.com for its Investment Services which will help you diversify your risk by adding investment grade stamps to your portfolio. Philatelic items doesn’t guarantee minimum annual returns, but approaching an expert in investments will definitely make your investments outperform the market, provided you remain invested for medium to long term.

Private Collectors - You can buy investment grade items from the private collectors too. Generally, if collector find something duplicate in the collection, then they are always ready to sell that item to other collectors.

Post Office Counter - You may even find some recently issued items at the post office counters which you think are good for investment. The benefit of buying from post office counter is that you can get the items at face value, without any premium.



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