What can I collect? (Basics)

What can I collect?

Generally, new collectors are puzzled with the question "What should I collect?". We would suggest them not to collect the worldwide stamps on all themes, but be specific to a particular theme or country or a group of countries. For instance, group of countries can be British Commonwealth, Latin America, Asian Countries, Scandinavian Countries, India & Indian States, Saarc Countries, etc. 

Country Collecting - Collectors generally specialize by choosing a single country to collect. You can get complete year packs of the country from the philatelic dealers. Year packs are available in both, mint & used.

Theme / Topical Collecting - Collectors can go for collecting on a particular theme. The value of collection depends on the topic you choose as the area of interest for your stamp collecting. Your value of collection will be proportional to the  i.e. animals, ships, birds, trains, space, history, sports, flowers, music, boy scouts, art, disney, horses, military, airmail, olympics, dinosaur, cats, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

Mint or Used:

Mint - Generally, mint stamps are more valuable then the used ones, as they have never been used & look the way they did when they were sold at the post office.

  • Mint Singles - A collector desiring an extensive collection will buy single stamps only keeping his overall cost low.
  • Blocks of 4 - A collection of block costs not 4 times the mint singles, but even more as it is difficult to get older blocks because only a few collectors bought them when the stamps were current.
  • Sheets - Full sheets of early commemorative issues have fetched very high prices as only a few sheets have been saved.

Used - Advantage of used stamps is that you do not have to worry about preserving the gum & also you will get it at a rate lower than the mint.




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