Components of Postage Stamp
 Design of Postage Stamp - It is the most interesting part of the stamp & most of the people start with stamp collecting liking its design.

Ø Stamp Vignette - It is the central part of the stamp design & determine its theme of collection for topical collectors. Generally, the vignette depicts the picture of famous personalities, animals, places & other objects.

Ø Stamp Frame or Margin - This is the border surrounding the stamp's main design & also the paper bordering the printed stamps in a sheet.

Ø Stamp Inscriptions - These marks help in postage stamp identification. A postal stamp is inscribed with texts or information regarding its issuing state, district, or country, its face value, name of the design’s artist, and the title of the design.

Ø Stamp Value/ denomination - It is the inscribed value of a stamp. For instance, if you visit the post office for $5's worth of postage you will receive a stamp that has the value $5 printed on it in words or numbers.

Ø Perforation - Holes on all sides of a stamp that allows stamps to be torn easily along the line.

Ø Year of Issue - This is inscribed on any of the sides of the frame.

Ø Watermark - A postal watermark is the transparent lettering on a postage stamp. It can be seen under strong light or when benzene is applied. This watermark also authenticates the stamp. i.e. Single star, Multi-star, Asoka pillar, etc

Ø Adhesive Gum – It is the sticky substance applied to the back of the postage stamp to make it adhere to the mailed item.




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