Stamp Accessories
 You require the following tools for identifying & organizing your stamps:

Ø  Stock Book - They consist of a number of stiff pages made up with horizontal pockets of glassine paper or clear film, into which stamps are placed. The pages which are usually double sided are bound into book form and each page is interleaved with a glassine or clear sheet to prevent stamps on adjacent pages from touching.

Ø  Stamp Catalog - It is a part of philatelic literature which serve as a reference to learn about stamps. It helps in identifying the stamps as it is filled with illustrations. Stamp catalog gives every possible detail about the stamp i.e. date of issue, face value of stamp, short description, quantity issued, estimated market price of the stamp for both mint and used, printing type, stamp image, etc.

Ø  Tweezer – A tweezer is used for lifting the stamp without getting it spoilt by the touch of the hand.

Ø Magnifying Glass – Stamps are generally printed in very small letters and sometimes become impossible to read with the naked eyes. So, magnifying glass is a must.

Ø Perforation Gauge - The holes between the stamps that make it easy to separate is known as perforation. You can count the perforation by counting the number of holes that appear along the side of the stamps with the help of perforation gauge. Generally, perforation gauge is made up of plastic.




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