Getting Stamps

Now the next step, after you had made up your mind for stamp collecting and decided your topic of interest.

“Where to get stamps from?”

 You can get stamps from the following:

Personalized Mailbox

You can save the stamps from the envelopes & postcards that comes to your place.

Nearby Post Office

You can buy stamps from the nearby Post Offices.

Friends & Relatives

You can ask your friends and relatives to save the stamps from their mail for you.

Local Businesses

You can save stamps from the business correspondence that you get to your place.

Pen Pals

Find a Pen Friend so that you can send each other letters with stamps which will help you grow your collection.

Stamp Dealers

Stamp Dealers help you get even older stamps for a certain Add On Amount.

Local Stamp Club & Societies

You can join any local stamp club or society which will help you trade stamps with other members.

Stamp Exhibitions

Now a days, there are many stamp exhibitions organized. You can not only participate and show your stamp collection to other collectors, but also you can buy stamps from the stamp dealer's stall placed there.

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